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I know Athingortwo

"I bet you know Athingortwo?" said John to the Professor.
"Well yes, I suppose you could say that," smiled Professor Tunderbucket.
"Great! I don't need to introduce you then."
"Who the Devil are you?" said Athingortwo.
"Sorry my mistake," said the Professor. "Don't think we have met actually. Oh, but I do know Mywayaround."
"I didn't know you had been here before?" said John.
"No, I mean her," said the Professor pointing to a creature looking just like Athingortwo, only much larger.
"Oh I see, of course," said John, "Athingortwo's mum, Mywayaround. And here comes Whatyoumean, Athingortwo's Dad."
"Hello," said Whatyoumean.
"Hi," said Professor Tunderbucket, Athingortwo, John and Mywayaround.
About now the Professor decided things were getting a bit too strange and so said his goodbyes and left, quickly realising he meant to turn right.
After retracing his steps slightly (careful not to run out of tracing paper) he was soon on his way again on Hiswayagain, his trusty camel.

Copyright © Peter Cole 2010

To be continued possibly.
I'm not sure. What do you think?
Maybe you could continue Professor Tunderbucket's adventure.
What other weird and wonderful people and creatures could he and his camel meet on their journey? And would they have funny names too?
Why not grab some paper and a pen and find out.