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Best Foot Forward

One day Jeremy's feet argued about who should step forward first.
"Traditionally," said his right foot, "I should go first. It goes as far back as the Romans."
"True! But Jeremy is left handed and kicks a ball with his left foot so clearly I am the better foot," his left foot replied.
Jeremy's feet had already caused him to miss the school bus and they still showed no sign of coming to a decision.
"When people get married the bride always enters the church with her right foot first," said his right foot.
His left foot laughed, "Brides are women not men. Are you calling Jeremy a girl?"
Worried he would never leave his bedroom Jeremy made a suggestion to his feet, "How about you both go forward together?"
His feet agreed.
So Jeremy and his feet happily hopped off to school and spent the rest of their lives hopping happily ever after.

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