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Ordinary To Extraordinary

There are no limits to our imagination. By turning ordinary things on their head, reversing them, looking at the world at a different angle to everyone else you'll find there are more ideas than stars in the sky, and none of them are out of your reach.

Write a list of everything you've done today:

Ate breakfast
Brushed your teeth
Went to school etc etc . . .

So you don't think there's anything interesting to write about? Well, what if instead of a poem about eating breakfast your breakfast ate you? What would it be like inside the stomach of a cereal monster? What would you see? What would you hear? What would it smell like?

What would make a boring lesson more interesting? What if in Geography instead of just reading books and watching DVDs about giant waterfalls and volcanoes you actually went there instead? What if you had a science lesson at NASA and you and your class all went in a rocket to the moon?

NEVER tell yourself an idea is silly until you've tried it out. Even the most ordinary, everyday subject can come to life in a poem.

What if one of your hobbies was fishing?

There are probably hundreds of poems about fishing and fish but what if you reversed things a bit? What if all the seas, lakes, rivers and ponds floated in the sky and it was the fish that caught us? What would a fish use as bait to attract a human? Maybe a TV remote to catch your dad and a bar of chocolate and a magazine about celebrities to hook your mum. What bait could the fish use on you? A Wii remote? A bike? Your mobile? A gigantic pizza dripping with cheese?

Write about anything and everything.

Make the ordinary EXTRAORDINARY.