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Farewell William Shellspeare

I read a tale by a snail
written in a snail's trail
but the trail wasn't his, oh no no no,
he's far too old and moves far too slow
to write at the speed that his mind thinks of words
with fantastical stories of half-pigs half-birds;
of stampeding mice that chase elephants away;
of lions that moo and drink tango all day;
of places where everyone smells of armpits and sprouts
and everybody whispers, giggles or shouts.
Of lands where humans are squashed by snails
and the hero of the story never ever fails.

Will Shellspeare the snail could once be found living here
in the garden of the famous William Shakespeare.
The greatest snail writer that there has ever been
was sentenced to death by a boy named Dean.
Will was half way through dictating a poem about a shrew
when all at once, with no warning, he was squashed by Dean's Shoe.

Copyright © Peter Cole 2010