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How Shall I Write My Poem?

Rhyme time or rhyme crime?

As I said on the page Write Then Re-write, if a poem wants to rhyme then it will. This might sound strange - as if you have no control over what you write. Yet, sometimes this is how it feels. Often when your pen hits the page it will seem as if your hand is writing on its own. Just let the words flow onto the page if they want to. Though sometimes you may think of a great idea for a poem but when you sit down to write you can't think of anything to say - this is known as having writer's block. We all get writers block. And this is what Mind Maps are for.

Though maybe you've done your Mind Map and got lots of ideas but you still can't write the poem?

This is when it is handy to know some of the different types of poems. Then you can try a few of them out until you find the one that works for you.

Here are a few of my favourites:

BREADism can also be described as being written using rhyming couplets. Rhyming Couplets are two lines that rhyme.

Writer's Digest

They say some foods are good for your bowels
But alphabetti spaghetti's only good for your vowels?

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