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Directions To The Ideas Factory

Ideas are around us all the time. Sometimes you don't even need to look for them. They will find you when you least expect it so always be ready with a pen and a notepad to write them down.

Ideas can quietly creep up on you and if you are not listening out for them they will creep right past you too. Other times ideas will burst into your head and you'll be unable to ignore them till you write them down. Ideas are no good kept in your head. They deserve to roam free from your pen all over the page. Here's a poem I wrote a while ago that I often read if I'm searching for an idea. Maybe it will help you too.

Open Your Eyes

Open the window,
Open the door.
Let in the now
Just after before.
Tear off the paper
Rip open the box -
A present from Grandma,
Yet more woolly socks.
Open the gates
Let in the people.
But on a submarine
Never open the peephole.
Open the station
Let in the train.
Burst open the heavens
And down comes the rain.
Open a book
And open your mind
For you'll be amazed
At the treasures you'll find.
Open your eyes,
Take everything in.
Grab a notepad and pen
And when you're ready

Copyright © Peter Cole 2010