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Mind Maps

The alphabet works from A to B to C but our minds do not. When we think it's more like A to F to Z then back to F again then to B and so on. Therefore I find it's better to write mind maps than write lists as our thoughts don't tend to come to us in a logical order.

Space Mind Map

Say you wanted to write a poem about outer space. Take a blank piece of paper and write the word SPACE in the centre of it. Then draw four lines coming out from it. At the end of each line write a word that connects with Space. For example: ALIENS, STARS, PLANETS, MOON.

Then draw more lines from each word and write down what they make you think of. Don't think too much about it. Write whatever pops into your head even if you think it has nothing to do with space. Maybe your best friend will pop into your head and at first you'll think what have they have to do with space. But the more you think about it and the more questions you ask the more you'll realise there are loads of ways your friend could be in a poem about space. What if your friend is secretly an alien or their dad owns a UFO? What if you and your friend found a spaceship? Where would you travel to first?

Then I thought it would be funnier if Sarah wasn't actually an alien but Adam thought she was. Why would he think this? When I answered that question I knew I had the punch line to end my poem.