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Planet Glu

My family are from outer space
And, you guessed it, I am too.
We're the closest family that I know
From the distant Planet Glu.
Where I come from on Planet Glu
Nothing ever goes missing
And you have to be extremely careful
Whenever attempting kissing.
Glumans walk incredibly slowly
As the ground is always sticky.
And as for getting up in the morning,
That can be rather tricky.
Millions of Glumans are late for work
Every single day;
When you ask them why it's same old reply,
I was stuck in traffic they say.
My brother and I are very close,
In fact we're stuck together.
The only time we can separate
Is in really muggy weather.
My family always protects me
If there's trouble to be found
They never desert me in times of need -
They always stick around.
Though, I'm sad to say that, as for the fate
Of my closest ever friend
Tragedy struck; he was out of luck
And he came to a sticky end.

Copyright © Peter Cole 2010