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The Poetry Toolbox

The poetry toolbox is something that can be dipped into to help bring words to life.


Words are the most important thing in a poet's toolbox. If you find a word you don't understand when reading don't just skip past it. Look it up in your dictionary. The writer would have chosen that particular word for a reason and, who knows, it might be just the word you've been looking for to finish your poem or story.


We all have favourite words and phrases we use again and again when writing and talking but sometimes you might want to use a different word. What if instead of saying you were happy you said you were joyful, thrilled, ecstatic, delighted or over the moon?


When I first heard about rhyming dictionaries I thought it would be cheating to use one. However, poets have been using them for hundreds of years. My rhyming dictionary has helped me write so many of my poems. It's always best to think of as many rhymes as you can first but then if you can't find the rhyme you need maybe you'll find it in your rhyming dictionary.

For an excellent free rhyming dictionary visit:



Full rhymes have exactly the same sound at the end:
Smash, crash and bash