What Shall I Write About?

Never tell yourself you have got nothing to write about. We have all got endless things we can write about. From the biggest, most important things in life like love, friendship, family, death, poverty and war to the smallest everyday things like the journey to school in the morning, your favourite food and your hobbies. Every new day is bursting with things to write about.

Think of anything funny or silly that has ever happened to you or someone you know. Write a poem about it.

Write about what you know.

Poems don't have to be nonsense rhymes about aliens and exploding underpants. You could write about a time when you were bullied or maybe you bullied someone. You could write about what made you bully them and how you wish you hadn't. Or write about a time you were embarrassed at school, maybe in a school play, and you forgot your lines and everyone was laughing at you or, even worse, on sports day when your swimming trunks came off. These are things that all of us have experienced at some point and that's what makes them such great ideas for poems as other kids can relate to how you felt. And it might help them get over the pain or embarrassment if something like that has happened to them.

Or write about what you don't know but can imagine.

You don't have to have experienced something to write about it. That is what is so amazing about our imagination the place where anything can happen. We can travel anywhere we want, any time we want at any speed we want. We can travel faster than the speed of light far off into the future or right back to when dinosaurs ruled the earth.