Always Wear Your Writer's Hat

If you're not wearing your writer's hat ideas will fly in one ear and out the other like wind through a tunnel.

Two people can read the same books, watch the same films and do the same things. They may even have the same ideas. However, the writer is the one that knows what to do with the idea. For example a friend of mine told me that if you mix the letters up in a word with four or more letters in it that you can still read the word. As long as the first and last letter of that word stay in the same place i.e. 'Poem' could be written like 'Peom' and 'Poetry' like 'Peotry' then our clever brains can still work out what it says. I thought this idea was fascinating and later that day I wrote a poem about it.

Try it yuorslef.

As long as the word has four or more letters and you keep the first and last letter where they are you can jumble all the other letters in between into whatever order you want.